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We are the reflection of our communities united around THE HYPHEN (in french TRAIT D'UNION) of our most beautiful landscape. We will thus be able to make this contribution which is ours to humanity.

From Oumé and Ivory Coast, we give the whole world the momentum it needs. Let us be remarkable people in Oumé and Ivory Coast. Because we are the first to discover this concept.

It's time for innovation in Oumé. Gadgets "the link" for your company's staff in this case bring you the coveted success. While sharing videos and photos of never-before-seen moments on the PAYSAGE platform, the link. To always keep in your heart the link between colleagues and friends.

PAYSAGE is this synergy of sustainable development. As a result, constitutes a directory of companies of excellence imbued with captivating innovations, with socio-economic characteristics to be discovered. Initiated in Oumé and implemented in the capital Yamoussoukro, PAYSAGE promotes excellence among companies. By being the relay of their involvement in being at the heart and at the height of the challenges related to sustainable development. Hence this major credibility that will be granted to them all over the world. Considering their socio-economic impacts in adequacy within the peoples. Because henceforth having a support, a base, foundations of their own and tangible. The torchbearer of Africa which emanates from Africans and which is on the African continent to enlighten the whole world. He will bring a lot to all the issues related to sustainable development. PAYSAGE will establish a new economy which will be reoriented towards socio-economic reforms whose investigators are Africans. So as to truly assert itself as a continent that has risen above this controversy, created by all the resources in its subsoil. Obvious reason, as for its human potential which will be able to create a dynamism around which are the answers to issues where many initiatives have almost failed, coming from other horizons and supposed to bring a plausible answer to sustainable development and climate change. . Africa will carry this torch high, the hyphen of our most beautiful LANDSCAPE. Companies adhering to this platform thus offer themselves an idyllic setting. A reference of excellent companies that interact. A platform that leads us to discover Africa and the world differently. The hyphen of your most beautiful LANDSCAPE unites all energies for a new economy and sustainable development. Constituting an important database integrated into a unique strategy for the promotion of tourism and sustainable development. Beyond Oumé and Yamoussoukro, which have seen this new breath of life coming from Africa, other geographical areas both in Côte d'Ivoire and internationally will experience PAYSAGE and will be invited to this symbiosis at the heart of Africa. Whatever the distance, PAYSAGE is this hyphen that highlights the strengths of interconnected spheres.

Discover your landscape

Discover your landscape

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