Every day, you find new routes to your life. Starting from the base that you establish in unique places. Where you create all the inherent tricks. It's your hyphen, your source of motivation that you need.

Eden Park Oumé

The best of life today is a new concept: PAYSAGE, the hyphen. Come to Eden Park Oumé and share unforgettable moments with friends or colleagues, from the "hyphen" gifts. Like "the hyphen" that you will always keep in your heart.

Valuing to better preserve
Valuing to better preserve


Culture and a job well done are values ​​on which peoples are built. Beyond a masterpiece, it is a know-how that is implemented. Life has its jewels, we must not deprive ourselves of its true flavors. Who are so close that it takes so little to plunge into the bath of tropical bliss. Of these Ivorian and African marvels, the Eldorado cannot necessarily be on the other side of the Mediterranean. Think differently, see your most beautiful LANDSCAPE better. It's happening at the Residences Aman Yamoussoukro, come and take part. Let's make this capital one of the most beautiful in the world. The way you now see the city of Yamoussoukro contributes for our country to this indelible link that will always be in our heart.


Contribute to the development that will boost your business by having your showcase on PAYSAGE. In order to galvanize you through afterworks, team-buildings and seminars which are organized within the Aman Residences, bearing the image of your company. In an idyllic setting savored by people who have for them a unique breeze that sustains beautiful lives in tropical lands.

The hospitality of the peoples

Reconnect with tourism in a dimension that transcends the barriers that prevent you from appreciating the ingenuity of the peoples. Discover prodigious works. What has an intrinsic value deserves that you rub shoulders with it too. Don't be told this, live it personally. Go and meet hospitable peoples.

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